Apr 1, 2016

Emperor Legend Apk mod 1.2.2

 Emperor Legend- screenshot
 Emperor Legend- screenshot
 Emperor Legend- screenshot
 Emperor Legend- screenshot
 Emperor Legend- screenshot
Emperor Legend is an android Role Playing game. Download Emperor Legend Apk mod 1.2.2 from Apkmoder with MANA MOD Damage Multiplier.
Jump into the most stunning 3D hero RPG for mobile!
Be a kung fu hero! Recruit kings and beauties to fight by your side as your crush evil demons. Explore the dynasties through over 20 gorgeously painted story levels overcome with incredible fantasy creatures. Wield amazing skills in epic 3D battles so beautiful and exciting your jaw will drop and your blood will boil!
Choosing from dozens of heroes and skills, you’ll create a legendary team that will shock your friends and overwhelm your enemies, and build a glorious dynasty of your very own!
“Awesome! Great game the character design, the story, skill effect and all.”
- Ryuji Takasu, December 3, 2015
“Superb skills and graphics.”
- Justinhok168 Hok, December 5, 2015
“Super Beautiful!”
- jomar marto, December 11, 2015
- Choose your Heroes from the kings and beauties of East Asian legend
- Promote and Ascend them to teach them awesome new skills
- Equip them with full upgradeable gear, soul-shredding ch’i attacks, and rare Relics that unlock their special abilities
- Lead your team personally into battle and fight in perfectly rendered 3D!
- Immerse yourself in dynamic, fully-animated battle effects including lightning bolts, earthquakes, light auras, and more!
- Legend: Lead your Heroes through over 20 Chapters of Story Mode
- Guild Wars: Join your friends and fight real players in HUGE 15-on-15 battles
- Dojo: Climb PvP rankings and win rare rewards by pitting your team against other players
- Tower Trial: Ascend the levels of Heaven to reach legendary rewards!
- Journey: Lead a campaign out into the savage lands!
- Savage Wars: Face waves of enemies, including a Demon Army and the mystic Dragon Turtle. The farther you get, the more loot you win!
What’s In The MOD Apk:
Damage Multiplier
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