Aug 29, 2016

Rivals at War: Firefight Apk Mod 1.3.5

Rivals at War: Firefight is an android Action game. Download Rivals at War: Firefight Apk Mod 1.3.5 with Unlimited Money from Apkmoder.
TAKE CONTROL of an elite team of combat soldiers. UPGRADE your weapons for each mission. FIGHT alongside your team in head-to-head battles. CONQUER rival teams from around the world. Fight for VICTORY and become the best team!
* Lead your Commander soldier into the firefight, taking part in the battles with full targeting and shooting control
* Battle across 7 different combat scenarios, each with its own 3D map and day and night missions
* Assemble your team, choosing from 6 unique soldier types - Commander, Medic, Radioman, Breacher, SAW Gunner, and Sniper
* Upgrade your soldiers' skills: Speed, Accuracy, Damage, Health, and Defence
* Customize your team with different uniforms and headgear
* Use powerful tactic cards to shift each battle in your favour
* Over 40 achievements to complete and unlock special rewards
* Compete against other players' teams to dominate the leaderboards
It is your duty to protect the world from the threats of terrorism and chaos. Prepare to enter the Firefight!
RAW: Firefight has full resolution support for tablets and large screen phones!
What's In The Mod Apk:
Unlimited Money
Download Link:
Rivals at War: Firefight Apk Mod Download Link
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