Sep 19, 2016

Sheep In Dream Apk 1.0

Sheep In Dream is an android Puzzle game. Download Sheep In Dream Apk 1.0 free from Apkmoder.
► Chapter I: Cubik World
Dream in sheep when the get lost in cyberspace, everything connected you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a sheep through a beautiful world.
Dream of sheep is a surreal exploration through bizarre architecture and geometry can not. Guide the sheep through the mysterious ruins, discover hidden pathways, opening up optical illusion and mystery outsmarting the Crow people.
► Chapter II: Flat World
A strange Flat World of shifting stone... can you find the way?
very simple, "puzzle" game for compo. . Enjoy!
► Chapter III: Square World
Always jump
Sheep Up is a fast arcade game where you climb the highest mountain and the most dangerous ever seen a sheep
Jump as high as you can !!!
Touch your device to control!
Jump up the mountain .. Step up the mountain ... you get the idea.
Climb to new heights all to tell your friends that when the sheep gets tough, you get sheep
Hop your way to the top with a cute, fun and addictive games to ever hit dancing game! Compare high scores and challenge your friends!
- Especially Troll: rate unexpectedly random lightning
- Infinite play! Climb as high as you can and reach unimaginable heights!
Great graphics!
- Music makes you fun!
- Accurate, smooth controls!
DODGE's many things that the fall is likely to squish you. Collect different sheep to go to different environments, including Arizona hands, VR Doxels, and light winter. The games are free to play.
Download Link:
Sheep In Dream Apk download link
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