Apr 12, 2019

Battle Girl High School 1.2.54 Моd Apk (God Mod/Damage/Max Bullets & More)

Battle Girl High School 1.2.54 Моd Apk (God Mod/Damage/Max Bullets & More)

"Teacher! The third class is Shibuya recaptured!"

Since you downloaded this game, you become their "teacher".
Refreshing action with one finger!
"Special training" × "Battle" × "Girl"!
School Action RPG "Battle Girl High School"!

Free download, no need for cumbersome registration or difficult operations.
Kolopura's "Super Hardness Technical Girl Game", "Bat Girl", play now!

△ △ △ 楽 し Enjoy communication with the girl with な! ▼▼ △ ▼
By [Live2D], a cute girl moves like an animation! Let's "understand" and win their trust over the smartphone!

▼ △ ▼ △ Attractive costumes appear one after another! Dress up the girls! ▼▼ △ ▼
If you change into a new costume, the appearance of the illustrations and 3D characters will change! You will also get new skills at the same time! Of course, the ability can be changed just as it is!

▼ ▼ △ Rhythm action burns! Glowing 'Battle part' ▼▼ △ ▼
Movement and attack are easy operations with just one finger! Tap the screen rhythmically to connect the combos, and let's blow the boss with the special skill! Your sense of rhythm leads the girl to victory!

△ ▼ や り 取 り 何 Unsolicited exchange is realized! "Gakuen part" 青 ▼ △ ▼
When there is a career consultation, when there is a hot blood training! Become a school teacher and raise girls with your hands!

△ △ ア It's like an anime-like "story part"! ▼▼ △ ▼
As the battle progresses, a story approaching the secrets of the invader Ilous develops! Besides, you can get a glimpse of the inside of girls and humble school life! New chapters will be added one after another!

△ ▼ キ A character with lots of attractive voice actors! ▼▼ △ ▼
The appearance characters appoint voice actors to all the members including the supporting role! Each unique character can be felt more attractive! Turn on the sound when playing and let's play!

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