Apr 25, 2019

Call of Sniper War 2019 1.4 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Call of Sniper War 2019 1.4 MOD APK (Free Shopping)
Pick up your guns and get ready to fight as a brave warrior in epic World War battles. Be the hero who shoots down enemies with precision bullets in the cold weather using a range of variety deadly weapons. Download call of sniper 2019, free-to-play FPS shooter game, where you have to penetrate as Heroic Commando in impossible sniper mission to the enemy territory.

Rousing your fellow members with guns blazing and defeat terrorists with advance weaponry like powerful Shotgun, Pistols, AK47, M24, Snipers etc. Enemy might divert your attention by engaging different military tactics like Helicopter attack, Air Fighters (F16/F18) support in air fleet, Tanks and Flying Drones .Try to eliminate opponent's power by Blowing out huge bunkers with the Bazooka. Select your gear or pick up your enemies weapons and wreak havoc on your adversaries.

Be unstoppable - guard your team in call of sniper game! In order to take revenge, enemy can go beyond limits. Get you and your team safe from tank attack and dropping missiles. Take cover, dodge bullets and complete unique and exciting mission to earn coins to unlock cool new weapons.

Call of Sniper 2019 features:
• Impossible sniper mission
• First person shooter
• Smooth Controls
• Huge map featuring realistic battle scenarios
• Accurate aiming and shooting
• Lifelike graphics
• Authentic battle and weapon sounds
• Realistic weapons recoil and reloading animations
• Wide variety of weapons

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