Apr 16, 2019

Castle Agony Unrecognized value MOD APK (UNLIMITED HEALTH)

Castle Agony Unrecognized value MOD APK (UNLIMITED HEALTH).

Welcome To Castle Agony

Inspired by classic gaming, you play a local hero with a dog! Forced by your village to enter the crumbling castle filled with trickery, magic and monsters! Can you defeat The Vampire and live to see another dawn?

* Sprawling castle and grounds to explore, filled with loot and monsters!

* Learn the hidden history of the castle and make friends with unlikely allies.

* Original art flooded with character and personality, with enemies too cute to kill.

* Beautiful NES style soundtrack by Vesager"

* Turn-based, Action point combat system: Choose to make Aim or Snap shots.

* Craft potions of various types: make Molotovs and Holy Water bombs to use in combat!

* Switch to your brave companion, Harry the dog. Sniff out secret areas and find secret loot stashes and XP!

* Did I mention you can play as a dog?
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