Apr 27, 2019

Dark Zone Defense 1.2.0 MOD APK Unlimited Money

Dark Zone Defense 1.2.0 MOD APK Unlimited Money.
The Endless Mode with Sekiro-like mini boss has released now!
Core Game Warning: this is not a casual game!
Dark Zone Defense is an exciting mix of classic arcade shooter, roguelike and strategy.
It's simple but very challenging.
Every thing in my game is unique, so every time you restart, you'll have new feelings and challenging situation.

Game features:
- No movement, surrounded by the darkness
- 20+ guns, 50+ skills and abilities that can generate hundreds of play styles
- Tons of monsters
- Bosses are real powerful
- Easy to learn, hard to master
- Full HD
- 5-20 minute game sessions

The 'Dark Stage' is the real beginning!! Please fight to the 'Dark Stage'!!!
The dark and challenging world is waiting for you!

This is my first indie game that I solo made, I hope you will like it.
Thank you for any advice and comments.

Posted by:  APKMODER


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