Apr 30, 2019

Legendary Anime : Ultra fighters battle 1.6.3 MOD APK

Legendary Anime : Ultra fighters battle 1.6.3 MOD APK.

Well Well well !!! so this is a place where a legend comes to ! legends play legendary db fighting games & dragon heroes fighter Z. are you one of them? to play this pure db pixel game . the player must choose his favorite character , it can be either one of dragon heroes or dragon fighterz, or a villain from outer space, all from Z/ KAI/ GT like: gok. veget. brolyy. golden friezaa/ cell gokublack...etc, which one you prefer?
start a quick match with dragon bazz fighters and fight your opponents with using fighting skills like punch+kicks+fking+ ki blasts+ guard. you can throw an ultra special attacks like : the dragon super blast, mini and bigbang atacks, enery + death balls, dragon recall fist.

-smooth control buttons-
-pixel /2D /retro graphics-
-super transformation taps during battles-
-unique transformation for each characters : ssj1/2/3/4, blue form/golden form like that of frost/frieeza race, mui of gods...
-ultra tournaments
-1vs1 mode / team vs team.
enjoy!. and have fun while in your way to become the z s champion.
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