Apr 26, 2019

Legends of Valkyries MOD APK (GOD MODE/DMG MULTIPLE)

Legends of Valkyries MOD APK (GOD MODE/DMG MULTIPLE).
A storm is brewing in the Divine World! Based on the Valkyries of Norse Mythology, "Legends of Valkyries" is a competitive mobile card game that will bring you a whole new card game experience with RTS, Strategy and Micromanagement elements. You shall witness the power of the Nordic Valkyries, and lead them on a conquest of the Divine World by using their divine abilities, awakening their divinity, and activating their instruments. Gorgeous Valkyries and magnificent special effects await you, along with unpredictable battlefields, complex formation builds and various PvP modes. Be awed by the refreshing combat and diverse gameplay!

An innocent Nordic young girl accidentally opens the door of a derelict temple, bringing to light secrets of the Divine World from a thousand years ago!

How did Asgard fall? Why were the Valkyries asleep? You shall unveil the mysteries of the Divine World's past. You will awaken the Valkyries, each wielding different Divine Powers, and command them to reclaim Asgard. Eventually, you will uncover the truth behind Ragnarok, recover the glory of the Divine World and write the legend of the King of the Gods!

【Game Features】
The invincible might from the Norse Mythology
Situated in Asgard of the Norse Mythology, the game gathers all the Nordic Valkyries, each bestowed with Her own unique characteristic and special skills. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking battle of the gods!

Exquisite character artwork with ultimate visual experience
Our exquisite and polished artwork give rise to the ethereal beauty of the Legendary Valkyries.

Cool special effects and stunning display
Be stunned by the spectacular special effects! Our painstakingly designed special effects and elaborate scenes promise to bring you a whole new visual experience.

Multiple PvP Modes and rich contents
Who says mobile card games can never good PvP content? Our extensive PvP gameplay such as Battle Shrine, Legion Conflict, Alliance Throne, etc will certainly fulfil all your PvP fantasies!

Experience Strategy and Micromanagement at your fingertips for a smooth game experience
The game features a manual micromanagement system that enhances player involvement instead of the usual auto gaming. Get a kick out of actual control instead of just sitting around watching things unfold!

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