Apr 15, 2019

Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars 90 MOD APK (DMG/DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

Robot Tactics: Real Time Super Robot Wars 90 MOD APK (DMG/DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

This turnbased and srpg, Robot Tactics, has been globally featured by Google Play! This strategy mmo game of war has been featured only 1 month after it's official launch!
A hundred years ago, on Sunset Land cosmos, mech wars rose between the high technology country the United States of Honir and the old school magic country Paz Kings Union. The robot wars rages on still today and tomorrow, mystic destroyer stealing countless of soldiers, angels and mech warriors' lives and destroying the allstar world as we know it.
A group of iron force and allstar mercenaries that rose to fame after winning a few difficult legion war by using war robots , banded together and created the marvel“Vera Mercenary” and decided to end the robot wars contest tomorrow. In this game, players will act as part of this integral elite mercenary and will look for the best people to join them in this mystic allstar of war robots for maintaining the peace, including iron force, just like the well-known gubdam, Zoid, raijin, whiplash, hawken, dawn of steel, vandal, saint seiya and clash of robots.
Robot Tactics is a tactical and real-time srpg mech game. It puts together several factors like RPG storyline, robot battle, card collection, game of war, alien shooter gaming and social interaction with a unique turn-based strategy super mechs. Players will feel immersed in this mech game with its incredible old school and integral modes of robots war and countless of strategies and tactics of robot battle. The open war robots system to design the battle boards of this mech game is just one of its many exclusive characteristics. Besides the interesting main plot and different sub-plots, players will be able to interact with other players from all over the cosmos world in PVP robot battle or mech battle, cooperation tasks and full scale server war. Players will also find incredible anime characters in the game. And the CV (character voice) has been added into the game to make the gaming even more exciting, just like cytus !

1. Create or upgrade your personalized war robots
War robots can be created or upgraded with countless super mechs components that will help you create your personalized mech robots.
2. Original combination of strategy mmo/tactics and rpg
RPG storyline mixed with a strategy/tactics gameplay for an exclusive war robots gaming experience.
3. Real-time multiplayer national war
You can connect with players from all over the world and compete in PVP or GVG mode gaming.
4. Magic and mechanics together in an incredible world
Lead a team of mercenaries that will mix magic and war robots in order to bring peace to a real steel universe.
5. Incredible skill animation
Enjoy the firstclass skill animation while playing the game.
6. Complete the task to unlock achievements
Complete military campaign and tasks for bonuses and earn amazing materials in Gacha.
7. Amazing character designs
Lots of anime characters ready to fight with you.

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