Apr 13, 2019

Sweet House 0.17.2 Mod Apk

Sweet House 0.17.2 Mod Apk Unlimited Coins/Stars

🍬This is a mansion that belongs to you, you can fix house and decorate it into your favorite style! Maybe your family is not with you, but here are your assistants, butlers and maids! There will be a match story, enjoy the renovation game!

- Move the icons and matching them to be 3 or more tiles to eliminate them
- Each level has a number of steps, you need to complete them within a limited number of steps
- Get the stars after completing the level, more fun than other match 3 games
- More renovation games. A lot of new areas, need to open them with stars
-More design games. All the decorations and furniture can be changed to your favorite style
- A fascinating plot, more fun than other home games
- A wide variety of characters and friends

🍬Sweet House is a match 3 puzzle game!
🍬It is a home game and house design game!
🍬Play games with friends on Facebook!
🍬There is also a wealth of single player content!
🍬No need to connect to the Internet (offline)!

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