May 13, 2019

Vital Gear 2.3.6 MOD APK (Weak Enemy HP/Damage)

Vital Gear 2.3.6 MOD APK (Weak Enemy HP/Damage)

★ Bishojo × 3D tank × online battle RPG ★
Set in the near future a "superb girl vs. AI" super brawl battle! Let's save the world with beautiful girl crews full of charm, given by beautiful graphics & gorgeous voice actors of commitment!

● All 100 beautiful girl crews with luxurious voice! Famous idol and fictitious voice actor chosen by audition, including famous voice actor ♪ In charge ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

● Gear appearing 3DCG reproduces precise fantasy tank design! Collaboration gear with mechanic designers active in famous animation is also under development!

● Real-time GvG held every 15 minutes day and night! Enjoy participating in full battle anytime ♪ Enjoy the simultaneous battle with a large number of people with a wide variety of strategies intertwined !!

== Story ==
AI is relief or despair for humanity -

90% of human race was lost due to the slaughter of the mysterious machine devion "NO-RA (Nora)" ... The girls are still dead, and fight for the future of mankind with the vehicle type weapon "Vital Gear".

AIvs Dark fantasy episode in the near future that depicts the battle of human beings, finally becoming a smartphone game!

== System ==
Let's have a beautiful girl crew on a gear (tank), to the battlefield!
Attributes · Battle type changes attack power and defense power.
Let's fight against enemy weaknesses!

We produce seven "parts" to produce gears.
Customize parts freely exchange!
Also bazaar with other players and parts buying and selling.

Pretty girls with the power of "superiority (qualia)".
Let's fight with various skills such as attack and defense, recovery and ability improvement.
Further strengthening and breaking through the limit demonstrate true power!

== Multiplayer ==
Enjoy the two "real time online battle"!
Looking at the battle situation that changes every moment,
Cooperate with your friends and aim for victory!

Free match matching up to 10 vs 10
└ Team generation automatically when entry is made.
Let's win with the newly encounter fellows every time

Up to 20 vs 20 guild matchup (GVG)
└ Union vs Union Battle of Union!
Aim for battle No.1 with the coalition fellows!

== Luxury production team ==

M · A · O / Yoshi Takahashi / Nanami Yamashita / Masato Uchida
Horie Yui / Ogura Yui / Hidaka Rina / Noto Mamiko
Mari Inoue / Aya Sakura / Saori Hayami
Yui Makino / Ayana Takeshito / Kanako Takatsuki / Other

Naoto Morishita / Yamashita Dai / Ryu Fukai
* Collabor gear will be delivered in order.

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