Apr 12, 2019

Tactical Epic Battle Simulator 1.22 Mod Apk Unlimited gold coins

Tactical Epic Battle Simulator 1.22 Mod Apk Unlimited gold coins.
Tactical Epic Battle Simulator is a new tactical simulator a in world of fun battle games! Start totally accurate battle, grow your army and win battles. Defend your castle by free simulation or by controlling every unit. Melee combat or a distance battle, cannon balls or epic magic spells - it's your choice for army battle. War simulator begins!

Main features of Tactical Epic Battle Simulator:
- more then 9 types of epic units for the campaign battle mode;
- 3 types of ultimate battle simulator: melee, distance & magic;
- 2 modes of controls of an epic battle: free simulation & controls of every unit you tap;
- dozens of complicated levels for totally accurate battle simulator;
- more & more war simulator features!

Our plans for next updates:
- sandbox battles;
- online / multiplayer ultimate battle simulator mode;
- more units and ragdoll.

Start totally accurate battle with friends and share your videos or photos of gameplay! Please, sent us your ideas on how to improve your game experience. Let's make real awesome epic battle simulator together. Because, first of all, we make it for you (player)!

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