Apr 11, 2019

Zombie World - Racing Game 1.0.0 Моd Apk Unlimited money/bullets

Zombie World - Racing Game 1.0.0 Моd Apk Unlimited money/bullets.

The road is full of crises everywhere
Run away from the hunting of zombies!
Find more living resources and live!

🏎 Vehicle upgrade system, waiting for you to upgrade your vehicle's capabilities.
🔧⚙ You can upgrade your vehicle's fuel system to make your vehicle more durable and run further!
You can also choose to upgrade the clips and have more bullets to shoot the zombies and get over explosive obstacles that are blocking you!
Upgrading nitrogen can help you tun faster and go through various traps!

🆘 Gameplay:
🧟‍♀️The left hand controls the shooting and balance
🧟‍♀️The right hand controls the acceleration and booster
🧟‍♀️Drive your car quickly and safely through each road
🧟‍♀️At each level you can unlock an exclusive vehicle, from small cars to big tanks.

Experience a different racing game, fly over obstacles, feel the thrill of crushing zombies!
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Crush everything by your vehicle!