Aug 2, 2016

Candy - icon pack Apk 1.2.4

Candy - icon pack Apk 1.2.4

Candy - icon pack is an android Personalization App. Download Candy - icon pack Apk 1.2.4 free from Apkmoder.
Monthly updates with new icons!
Application contains:
▪ 4335+ icons in UHD resolution 192x192 (Icon list here:
▪ 336 FlatWallpapers with Muzei support
▪ Premium Request - have guaranteed that your icons will be available in next update.
▪ Support for dynamic calendars
▪ Icon masking for unthemed icons
Icon pack compatible with:
▪ Action Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher Ex
▪ Apex Launcher
▪ Atom Launcher
▪ Aviate Launcher
▪ Blur - A Launcher Replacement
▪ CM12 Theme Engine
▪ CM11 Theme Engine
▪ Go Launcher
▪ Holo Launcher
▪ Holo Launcher HD
▪ Inspire Launcher (No more available on Google Play)
▪ KK Launcher
▪ L Launcher
▪ LG Launcher
▪ Lucid Launcher
▪ Mini Launcher
▪ Next Launcher
▪ Nine Launcher (No more available on Google Play)
▪ Nova Launcher
▪ S Launcher
▪ Smart Launcher
▪ Solo Launcher
▪ TSF Shell 3D Launcher
▪ Themer Beta
▪ Trebuchet Launcher
▪ Unicon▪ XGELS
Candy - icon pack Apk Download Link
Doodle God Griddlers Apk 1.0

Doodle God Griddlers Apk 1.0

Doodle God Griddlers is an android Puzzle game. Download Doodle God Griddlers Apk 1.0 free from Apkmoder.
Doodle God Griddlers is an exciting intellectual game for those who love logic puzzles and want to feel like a god. Discover six divine elements and protect them from destruction by creating new elements to build an entire civilization!This game is also known as Japanese scanwords, Japanese crosswords, nonograms, Japanese puzzles, hanjie, and picross. But whatever we call it, you’re sure to enjoy playing it!Six divine elements will unlock120 griddlers of varying difficulty along with fantastic graphics and pleasant music – everything a refined connoisseur of nonograms could wish for!
Each level hides something special – creation, new eras and new elements areencoded in the picross grid. To make the game easier to get the hang of, we’ve added two tutorials – one for beginners and one for experienced fans of the genre.Let the god within you run freewith new Japanese crosswords! Get readyto discover divine elements and create new ones! Doodle God Griddlers is an amazing adventure in the world of hanjie!
- griddlers with no pen and paper!
- 6 artful locations and over 100 new levels.
- excellent training for logical and abstract thinking.- clever and ironic aphorisms from the greatest thinkers of all eras!
- over 15 rewards and trophies for extra quests.
- well thought-out tutorial for beginners and experienced players alike.
- beautiful graphics and pleasant music.
- over 12 hours of exciting gameplay!
- the best way to have fun and spend time in a useful way!
- two in one: Doodle God and exciting griddlers!
Download Link:
Doodle God Griddlers Apk Download Link
Pixelmon Hunter Apk Mod 2.1.15

Pixelmon Hunter Apk Mod 2.1.15

Pixelmon Hunter is an android Role Playing game. Download Pixelmon Hunter Apk Mod 2.1.15 with unlimited money free from Apkmoder.
Welcome to the pocket world of Pixelmon Hunter! You’re about to discover beautiful world where the five elements collide.
Choose your monster, get the weapon and join the battle! Who knows - maybe you’re fated to become the Lord of the Pixelmons?
Feel the power of the Great Elements!
Every element in this block world controls its own arenas, weapons and monsters types! Learn how to take the control over each element to invent your individual battle tactics. Let's go in adventure mod and collect all pixel mon types: fire, water, electric, stone and others. Improve your survivalcraft in different arenas! Choose your sword or even gun and start your battle in pixel 3D world!
Choose the game mode that fits you better:
- multiplayer mode (2 to 4 players to fight with)
- single player mode (you vs. bots)
Main features of the game:
- Great monsters with colorful skins
- A lot of weapons: Swords, Magic Staffs, Cannons and others!
- Awesome arenas: Red Fire Top, Leaf Green Deep Forest, Windy Sky Ship and others!
- Dozens of monsters!
- HD graphics
- Atmosphere sounds
- Skins exporter
What's In The Mod Apk:
Unlimited Money
Download Link:
Pixelmon Hunter Apk Mod Download Link
Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards Apk 2.6.5

Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards Apk 2.6.5

Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards is an android Sports game. Download Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards Apk 2.6.5 free from Apkmoder.
Pool Break is a suite of games featuring several variations of Pool, Snooker, Billiards, Crokinole and Carrom games. The full screen 3D graphics are spectacular and the physics are realistic and accurate. Whether you play against the computer or against other Android, iPhone or iPad users online, the action is smooth and fast paced!
Ready for some realistic pool action? With a ton of games and lots of fast paced action, Pool Break will keep the most seasoned pro playing well into the night. Its realistic 3D graphics and linear shot guides help you line up your shot, modify the shooting angle, and see where your shot is going to land, making it easy to line yourself up for your next move.
You may also play against computer or in pass-n-play mode.
Pool Break Features Include:
★ About two dozen games packed into one app
★ Multiple Languages Supported
★ English, French, German, Italian
★ Russian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese)
★ Dutch, Polish, Spanish
★ Korean (South), Simplified Chinese
★ Online Cross-Platform Multiplayer Gaming
★ Online chat
★ Play against the computer with four difficulty levels
★ Pass-n-Play mode
★ Very Realistic Pool, Billiard and Snooker Physics
★ Pan, Zoom and Slow Motion modes
★ Free View and First Person View
★ Regular or Hexagonal Pool tables
★ Allows Curve and Masse shots and full English
★ Intuitive User Interface
★ Many different sceneries and ball designs
★ Built-in Help Manuals explain how to play
★ View statistics and achievements
★ One-click start of recently played games
★ Hours of fun
Download Link:
Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards Apk Download Link
Root Uninstaller Pro Apk 8.3

Root Uninstaller Pro Apk 8.3

Root Uninstaller Pro is an  android Tools App. Download Root Uninstaller Pro Apk 8.3 free from Apkmoder.
Don't like stock or system applications? It's for you. This application can freeze pre-installed applications on your phone and more.
Very fast and simple uninstaller tool on single click for uninstalling both SYSTEM and REGULAR applications.
For ROOT+NAND unlocked devices
☆ Uninstall system applications
☆ Freeze or disable bloatware, stock and regular applications (keep updates)
☆ Defrost or enable applications (Free trial or PRO)
☆ Backup system application .apk to sdcard (that can reinstall later)
☆ Restore backed up applications
☆ Reset applications to fresh install state
☆ Delete definitively system applications
☆ Hide my App: launch a frozen app and automatically re-freeze on app closing (Pro only, tap on Launch->Freeze button )
☆ Explore application data folder, code folder (ex. edit preferences, need AntTek File Explorer)
For NON-ROOT devices
☆ Quick APK list to show all available .APK files on SDCard
☆ Keep Market reference and can restore after factory reset/change devices
☆ Manage to clear data, cache (manually)
☆ Manage .apk files: delete, install, install as a system app (PRO)
☆ Single click to uninstall a listed applications (Batch uninstall).
☆ Rapid load application list
☆ Display application name, icon, package name
☆ Exclude system applications (that you can not uninstall)
☆ Filter by third-party applications, system applications, applications on sdcard. backup applications or frozen applications
☆ Support large screen (ex. tablet) views
☆ Explore application data folder, code folder (ex. edit preferences, need AntTek File Explorer)
Trial on Free version :
☆ Three times to defrost or restore apps for Free version
☆ Make sure you app is granted by SuperUser
☆ If you CANN'T freeze/defrost, try to enable USB Debugging (HOME/Settings/Application/Development/USB Debugging)
☆ If you CANN'T restore backup app, try to "find apps on SD card" then long-press the app and select "install as system app".
☆ This application uses SDCARD to store data
☆ PRO and FREE version are fully compatible
Download Link:
Root Uninstaller Pro Apk Download Link
iLovecraft “Immersive Book” APK DATA 1.0.5

iLovecraft “Immersive Book” APK DATA 1.0.5

iLovecraft “Immersive Book” is an android Game. Download iLovecraft “Immersive Book” APK DATA 1.0.5 free from Apkmoder.
From iClassics, the creators of iPoe and iDickens, we present our latest project: iLovecraft. The third iClassics collection gives you a spellbinding dose of terror stories, seasoned with science fiction with an immersive and terrifying backdrop!
Welcome to a new iClassics collection, the fascinating and unique way of experiencing classic literature.
Warning: This is not a book, but an Interactive Reading where stories are brought to life: flip your device, touch and dare to discover details impossible to notice at first glance.
The dreamy, dark and superb imagination of Lovecraft transgressed the limits of literary terror in the 20th Century. This collection gathers 3 interactive masterpieces: Dagon, The Hound and The Window. Dive into a world where the human minions are under constant threat of creatures from other dimensions. Feel the sinewy tentacles of Lovecraft’s horrifying monsters envelop you as you read!
Main features: · An hour of interactive stories. · Available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. · 3 stories, more than 180 illustrations, 50 animations and 60 interactive pages, illustrated and directed by David G. Forés. · Over 35 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Miquel Tejada. · Extras. Lovecraft biography and Skechbook. · Original tales from the writer – no adaptations.
And some additional features: · Jump to any page in the book with our handy table of contents. · Page Memory. Leave the app at any moment, and come back to the same page. · Universal App. Pay once, run on iPhone and iPad. · Easy to use interface
iLovecraft “Immersive Book” APK DATA DOWNLOAD LINK
Battlevoid: Harbinger Apk Mod 2.0.1

Battlevoid: Harbinger Apk Mod 2.0.1

Battlevoid: Harbinger is an android Strategy game. Download Battlevoid: Harbinger Apk Mod 2.0.1 with unlocked from Apkmoder.
** PREMIUM GAME - No In-App Purchases in this game. Pay once, play forever! **
** NOW as full EXTENDED EDITION version. This game won't let you down, Commander. **
4.5/5 "A Space Battle RTS Done Right" -
Battlevoid: Harbinger is a hard sci-fi space exploration game blending roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles. You are a young commander given the task to venture out into enemy territories, far away from home to unknown galaxies, never knowing what you will face as you jump out from hyperspace.
In Battlevoid: Harbinger you will have to make decisions regarding your fleet and equipment, face surprising elements, use Battlestations to your advantage and battle fiercely for survival as you defend humanity. Strategy, tactics, and resource management are the core of Battlevoid: Harbinger. Plan your ship's offenses and defenses. Fortify your ships against enemy weapons, and wield them wisely. Lure your enemies into traps, or distract your foes with distress beacons toward your Battlestation. Battlevoid: Harbinger has been praised by the press and gamers, creating a solid community for the game.
Key Features
[*] Intense and gripping sci-fi space adventure simulation
[*] Explore new procedurally generated galaxies each playthrough
[*] Galaxies full of mysterious places, Battlestations and dangerous encounters
[*] Carry out missions, discover new technology, and help humanity survive
[*] Unique turret upgrade system, never seen in a game before
[*] Superb pixel graphics and effects
What’s In The MOD APK:
Requires Android: 2.3 and Up
Download Links:
Install APK and play.

Aug 1, 2016

Inferno Squad Apk Mod 1.0.15

Inferno Squad Apk Mod 1.0.15

Inferno Squad is an android Action game. Download Inferno Squad Apk Mod 1.0.15 with unlimited money from Apkmoder.
Take up arms and protect the human race from extinction! Form a squad and raise your weapons against the galaxy's viral bug-race, the Formicas that are threatening to decimate the human population. Join thousands of other players and fight back!
Set in 2077 A.D., the Inferno Squad is the last bastion of human strength sent to stop the Formica invasion. This is their story.
Inferno Squad is a mobile FPS that employs 360 degree movement controls. Optimized for a mobile experience, players only need to tap and swipe to delve into battle against the Formicas.
Put yourself in the shoes of the Inferno Squad and take charge of the battle on the front lines! Experience an in-depth story, real-time battles and customizable characters.
Game Features
High-tech Operation System
- Multi-angle displays of in-game cameras created in Unity 3D
- Auto-aiming systems to substantially lower entry requirements for new players
Real Time Battles
Four main game modes: Mission Mode; PK Mode; Hunt Mode; Challenge Mode.
Maps include classic map setups as well as brand new ones.
Players can also create their own rooms to invite friends to battle together.
Realistic Weapons System
- Select your favorite classical weapons from dozens of choices
- All weapons are upgradeable to help deal with bigger and badder enemies
Taking on the Beasts
You'll be meeting some big baddies in-game, how will you take them on you ask?
- Find and hire allies
- Upgrade and bolster equipment sets for both heroes and allies
- Upgrade weapons parts and find stronger and more powerful weapons
What’s In The MOD Apk:
Unlimited Money
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.0.15
Download Links:
Install APK and Play.